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#41 RE: I BAKE! by anajonalyn 17.11.2012 06:39


OMGEE! i understand your feelings mi-chan!! almost everyone i know loves blue, the rest just fall for red!!!>.< there like Romeo & Juliet or ^_^ Gnomeo & Juliet
oo but green is one of me faves!! its goes great with purple!

o.0?...mi-chan you just confused me about yellow loving red but red loving pink....

#42 RE: I BAKE! by ecgradux 17.11.2012 12:10


Hahahaha, that was intense Mitch. XD. Red loves who and who loves what. XD
Well, actually, I love red, white, grey, orange, :)

#43 RE: I BAKE! by Sakura Hime 17.11.2012 16:50


i agree with mi-chan!
blue and yellow are friends and ONLY friends.
but I think pink likes blue though.......
Red still likes pink and yellow still likes red though!
oh and i thought purple and green like each other
or was it green likes blue and purple likes green?

#44 RE: I BAKE! by Huffle Parfait 17.11.2012 23:46



Thanks to you now I'm able to laugh again xD

Wait non non, Saku-chan. I kinda aware of Green's feelings, but- if that's really so...

... that's why I prefer them as just "a best friend" ... as same as Purple and Pink?
But purple and green, ahh~ I'm rooting for them, then! ^ ^

#45 RE: I BAKE! by Sakura Hime 18.11.2012 00:02


@.@ colors are so confusing >.<
their love is complicated D:

#46 RE: I BAKE! by NeonNinjaSushi 20.11.2012 19:31


I like black and dark colours...

#47 RE: I BAKE! by Sakura Hime 20.11.2012 20:57


well black likes either gray or white.

#48 RE: I BAKE! by ecgradux 22.11.2012 02:34


I think Black loves white...
so much complication.

#49 RE: I BAKE! by anajonalyn 27.11.2012 22:32


haha i think black and white love each other too!! and yess color romance is so complicated -_- I KNOW!!


#50 RE: I BAKE! by ecgradux 29.11.2012 13:42


Rainbow is the perfect family :D

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