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#1 Hello~ by ilovebhong 08.08.2012 05:10


helloooooooo i'm brian and i'm a new member here~ i applied for a position here just now.. hope i make it! haha

#2 RE: Hello~ by nina 08.08.2012 07:07


ello! what position? we may be rivals!! haha! xD im a new member also

#3 RE: Hello~ by Huffle Parfait 08.08.2012 15:10


Yo there, buddies!

Ahhaha, You both are awesome O u O At last, you really do have to see my expression when the first time I saw you all entered this Forum. "Gee" .
Welcome there! This is-- blech, quiet Forum. But wish to see you all around. ((Ipromisetomakethisaliveokay?o7o))

#4 RE: Hello~ by ilovebhong 08.08.2012 20:06


Haha, I'm a typesetter/Korean translator! What about you? I hope we don't end up being rivals :b

When do we officially start? And what genres do you plan on doing?

#5 RE: Hello~ by nina 08.08.2012 20:32


i hope to be a proofreader!! yaaay we arnt rivals!! and i do know how to spell.. and such >.< *gasp* you know korean?!? YOUR AMAZING!! im sooo jelly!!
i wish i knew how to do something as cool as that!! >..< hmm im open minded. but i do loovveee romance and comedy!! .... and some tragedy.. v.v'

#6 RE: Hello~ by icppunk0 08.08.2012 20:35


wow sounds great i have always wanted to learn japenese but im to lazy lol I am also a cleaner hope we can all work together.

#7 RE: Hello~ by nina 08.08.2012 20:37


i know sign language!! and a little bit of german.. and some spanish.. yeah thats all. >.<

#8 RE: Hello~ by icppunk0 08.08.2012 20:42


i never got far in sign language just the alphabet and i know a limited amount of spanish - _ - what a great mexican i am lol

#9 RE: Hello~ by nina 08.08.2012 20:46


i have been in sign language for about 2 years. and if i was still in school id sooo still be doing it!!
hahahaha your a wonderful Mexican!! you dont needa know spanish to be mexicano xp

#10 RE: Hello~ by Snowy368 08.08.2012 21:28

Hello! I only know the alphabet in sign language. I wish I knew more though. I know English, French and a little bit of Chinese (I'm not good at reading Chinese).

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