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#11 RE: Hello~ by nina 08.08.2012 21:31


chinese?? gosh im so jelly of all these people around me!! haha i seem so boring xD hahaha

#12 RE: Hello~ by ilovebhong 09.08.2012 00:11


LOL my school offers sign language but I take Spanish instead.. I'm fluent in Korean and English and I'm currently studying Japanese and Spanish. Japanese isn't so hard since I learned some hanja from my mom (chinese characters used in Korea and Japan.. aka kanji) and the grammar is similar to Korean grammar :P I'm very picky about what projects I work on.. especially when it comes to art haha.

#13 RE: Hello~ by Huffle Parfait 09.08.2012 18:28


Due this Summer Break, I was hopin' myself to learn Japanese, though. But see- SEE HOW LAZY I AM GAH. Wanna sobbing... my school indeed offers too, and it's Dutch. Not to mention somehow my friend like to teach me Spanish too. Gee. O w O

Oh Project! It depends, you wanna Shoujo, or Shounen? We're lacking of Translator (Currently so many raws in hands are Chinese) so just limited edition that I can take. But gee, we're on my to release something again. I mean, Again.
The first Project just came hour ago: Well really. I can PM you about the future Project, Ilovebhong. :B

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