#1 Operation Liberation Men by NeonNinjaSushi 10.11.2012 13:42


from baka updates:

Ashamed of failing her high school entrance exam, a 16-year-old tomboy Sooha just wants to disappear off the face of the Earth.
However, when she yells it out loud a mysterious stranger named Ganesha approaches with an offer. He comes from a magical realm called the Para Kingdom ruled by a female military hierarchy that enslaves the male population. Ganesha offers to grant Sooha's wish if she will help liberate the men. Thinking his country sounds like paradise, she instantly agrees.
But, when she arrives the men look to her as their new leader and Sooha learns that fate has a funny way of leading people to their destiny.

So, I was ill for the last few days, and when i was almost dying in bed, I found I have the first three volumes of this on my shelf. I got so involved in the story line and I suggest you guys read it

#2 RE: Operation Liberation Men by ecgradux 22.11.2012 02:28


Oooh, a unique story.

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