#1 Shoot the only one! Fluffy Boy has been chosen! by Huffle Parfait 16.11.2012 04:34



A New and Fresh Oneshot Joint-Project coming up from The Zero Alliance and Huffly Parfait Scanlations, which was actually released on 11.11.12~! Q u Q ELEVEN.ELEVEN.TWELVE. THAT’S A COOL DATE, YO!

Fluffy Boy by Aiya Kyu is now ready to make you laugh to tears!!!

Well… no. How do I say it… The perfect, this -way too perfect- male student who’s deep down really loves Fluffy thingies. Nyaaa~ah! I don’t know why, but I guess I needa make a new Shipping between Urushima and Mofu-kun. … … …

Anyway! Just how could you didn’t love Aiya Kyu-Sensei’s series?!

Support the Mangaka by buying the Original Copyof even each of her series!! Q A Q Not to mention, Fluffy Boy is also ”serialized” in a Japanese Magazine~ Comic Gene! Nyawh~ You better check it righty away, yeah! ^ ^

Big thanks to The Zero Alliance who has become a really great partner in managing this Project, even until the time we released Fluffy Boy English-version(?) to the public! Ohho—!

Get the download link for Fluffy Boy here, guys!

Now, cheers for all!

#2 RE: Shoot the only one! Fluffy Boy has been chosen! by ecgradux 17.11.2012 01:14



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