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#1 manga!! by nina 08.08.2012 07:25


hmm well im being VERY ACTIVE IN THIS GROUP mwahaha here is a SMALL list of manga i recommend!!
+Anima, 1/2 prince, 2 dome no koi wa usotsuki, ai ga kami wo korosu toki, okane ga nai, papa i love you, the tyrant who falls in love,
ko akuma cafe, MOE KARE, private prince, say i love you, bitter virgin(you will CRY), full moon,
peter panda(soo kawaii!!), tsubasa reservoir, totally captivated, aroota kangatari, BOY OF THE FEMALE WOLF,
HANA KIMI, idol shopping, LOVE IN A MASK (youll cry), my boyfriend is a vampire, nononono(funny!), oiran girl, prunus girl,
crimson spell (this is a yuoi!)
AGAIN THIS IS BUT A SMALL LIST!! hope you enjoy some of them! <3

#2 RE: manga!! by Huffle Parfait 08.08.2012 15:17


ACTIVE USER! d=(´▽`)=b

Oh shoot, lemme read those SMALL list!
-- -- -- -- Finished -- -- -- --

Forks, please. None of them are in my list. [sob] S- sorry Nina. We can't talk about any Manga. SOB. I wanna talk something with ya, bbbbut...

Hey, what bout Animu? Have something special?

#3 RE: manga!! by nina 08.08.2012 20:13


animu?? im always open to suggestions on books to read!! im actually running out v.v iv read every manga at barnes and noble, borders, and 3 libraries..
well i do.. i just tend not to use it ("-.-) i just have ALOT of time on my hands xD

and you can talk to me about just bout anything. im sure we will find a manga or an anime we both have read or watched. >..< i declare us FRIENDS!! ... if i may.. *hides*

#4 RE: manga!! by icppunk0 08.08.2012 20:40


nice list im gonna have to check some of them out but i have read bitter virgin and your right that made me kinda teary eyed.

#5 RE: manga!! by nina 08.08.2012 20:44


i wont lie.. i balled my eyes out. xD but i also recommend 21 ways to save your lover. its completed on and its like.. amazing!!

#6 RE: manga!! by icppunk0 08.08.2012 21:09


it sounds good i will check it out.

#7 RE: manga!! by nina 08.08.2012 21:12


okitays!!! <3

#8 RE: manga!! by NeonNinjaSushi 04.09.2012 09:30


I was gonna ask if bitter virgin was the one where she did this and he did that but i realised it would've given spoilers to people who haven't read it. But I think I have. One I've started re reading recently is GE- Good Ending. It's always got me laughing, and I think the arts pretty good. It's one of these ones that uses all the silly over the top emotions

#9 RE: manga!! by ecgradux 08.09.2012 13:51


Thank you for the recommendations Nina ^^

#10 RE: manga!! by Huffle Parfait 16.09.2012 18:03


Omge, I haven't replied this for a long time. -_-


But where are you guys.... gee.

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