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#11 RE: manga!! by ecgradux 29.09.2012 14:46


Declaring something that isn't approved by anyone, WOW.

#12 RE: manga!! by Huffle Parfait 03.11.2012 12:18



Speaking of which, check out Seiyuu-ka! guys~
It's Romance-Comedy, and I like it. :3 LOVE IT.

But somehow, I kinda hate Shoujo now adays.
Like, really, they all make nonsense. What kind of story would be happening in this kind of world? ||oTL

#13 RE: manga!! by ecgradux 03.11.2012 14:38


Is that Shoujo too?
I don't read Shoujo but I come into them accidentally sometimes.

#14 RE: manga!! by Huffle Parfait 03.11.2012 14:43



Maybe you won't like it, though... :c

#15 RE: manga!! by ecgradux 22.11.2012 02:30


Maybe. Cause I refrain from watching Shoujo hahaha.

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