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#41 RE: Hello I'm new here :D by ilovebhong 02.12.2012 01:07


I wouldn't have access to the staff lounge cuz I was kicked out XD groups don't post to mangafox... they would never do that in a million years. They usually upload to Batoto as soon as they release it. It's just that there are more mods and admins at mangafox than there are Batoto (I think...)

#42 RE: Hello I'm new here :D by phantomclara 02.12.2012 03:19


I guess that would explain some of it, but some mangas aren't even present at all on Batoto, whereas they are on MF...hahaha, it was funny some guy on MF is making a manga, and asked how to go about posting it on MF. I tried to suggest Batoto, but was censored by MF. You can't even write batoto they censor it out. :P

#43 RE: Hello I'm new here :D by ecgradux 04.12.2012 22:58


Oooh. Well, I think that's it.

#44 RE: Hello I'm new here :D by Huffle Parfait 08.12.2012 03:03


You're not kicked out... Just- well, ya' know it already T^T
Oh right, I once tried to put an Image link which the Image itself was uploaded by Batoto, and heyya. It didn't work, the "Batoto" was suddenly changed into ******.net

Hahhahah, seriously...

#45 RE: Hello I'm new here :D by anajonalyn 13.12.2012 22:11


OMG YAY!! HI HI HI!! im ana, sorry took me forever to say hi, been having trouble, but other than that WELCOME!!

#46 RE: Hello I'm new here :D by ecgradux 21.12.2012 13:24


Changed into what Mitch?

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