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#1 Otome Game by Huffle Parfait 22.12.2012 17:21


Have ya' ever heard about that?
Like, Starry Sky for example?

I so love it.
Also "Always Remember Me" , omg. Check them out guys. :3

#2 RE: Otome Game by saranghachi 22.12.2012 18:39


OOOHHH, I always wanted to play dating sim games and see how they go~

Whoever made Starry Sky is very smart money wise! A lot of different games for one idea = $$

I've played only Hatoful Boyfriend for the lols. Dating pigeons haha

#3 RE: Otome Game by WildEagle 22.12.2012 20:22


LOOOOL I always wanted to be a pigeon and date other pigeons... NOW I CAN RELIEVE MY DREAMS.

#4 RE: Otome Game by saranghachi 23.12.2012 02:58


Haha in the game you're human going to a school filled with pigeons (for some reason...)

At the beginning they do a brief showing of how each guy looks like in human form but my favorite has to be the guy that even in his human a pigeon. Very amusing personality that guy has. It's more a visual novel than game though.

Look at the beautiful face on this dude~ Gorgeous~ xD

#5 RE: Otome Game by NeonNinjaSushi 24.12.2012 12:44


Mitchi is into dating sims?

#6 RE: Otome Game by Huffle Parfait 24.12.2012 13:13


BAHHAHAH, WHAAT'S THAAT... non non omg, Pigeons!! Cute...


Yesh, Onii-chan!
Starry Sky is my favorite. I only played the ~Spring version 'cause it has the English patch and such @.@ Then watched the Anime version~ Always Remember me is cute too. Like, you lost your BF in a car accident- i mean, well no, actually... oh non, spoiler. Like YEAH, It's a really nice Sim date~

Emii once told me that there's someone who "makes" Sim dates on 'her' DA. We can even play them too there. :o Cool rite...

#7 RE: Otome Game by ecgradux 28.12.2012 11:10


Woah. So that's an Otome. I see. And I've played dating games before but my goal when I play is to get lots of money XD

#8 RE: Otome Game by Huffle Parfait 30.12.2012 20:09



I'm a passionate lover~ I care with my munny, but Romance must go on. >///<

#9 RE: Otome Game by orangesoda 31.12.2012 06:32


Zeiva on DA has some cool otome games :D

#10 RE: Otome Game by Huffle Parfait 19.01.2013 04:40


they look great!
Imma playin X-note now :3

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