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#11 RE: Otome Game by animerebel4 23.03.2013 04:55


aww i wish i could get some otome games !!! Dx but i play MyCandyLove (its online) if that counts for anything.. ;)

#12 RE: Otome Game by Huffle Parfait 23.03.2013 07:02


Most of my friends also play MCL, I don't tho. xD
try Star Project or Pacthesis' games, in case you don't wanna download + apply patch (most of otome games are Fans-translation), they worth so much!

I'm currently playing Otometeki koi kakumei or call it as Love Revo.
Playing nonstop and getting a Happy end in 5/6 hours. Yea, taking a break from Photoshop. Jaja

#13 RE: Otome Game by animerebel4 23.03.2013 20:14


thanks for the recommend haha :) i've watched some of starry sky but i was really confused haha i wish i could play otome games especially after watching starry sky, amnesia, and Uta no prince sama...

#14 RE: Otome Game by Huffle Parfait 24.03.2013 05:18


I read some reviews about Amnesia OG, but the first time I watched the anime was totally still confused, like,
"WELL IS IT SOME KIND OF PARALLEL WORLD??" stupidly just realized that my thought was true LOL.

I've got Starry Sky in Spring for PC. You want?
Since I don't have PSP to play Amnesia (neither I can read Japanese geez), it's impossible for me to play xD haven't watched Uta no, will try =)

#15 RE: Otome Game by animerebel4 26.03.2013 22:58


lol i know right? ;) the 12th episode comes out today?!! XD cant wait to watch it!!

Definitely!!!! all the guys are hot and i've always wanted to try an actual otome game from japan.....

You should definitely watch utapri!! the second season is coming out in the spring.. though the main characters eyes are a little annoying .....

#16 RE: Otome Game by Huffle Parfait 02.04.2013 14:11



PMed you also for ur new PR task :)

ahha yea, i did!
I'm not into their dance, but like the music ~
For me it's her hair which is kind of annoying lol, tomorrow is the day right? Cant wait

#17 RE: Otome Game by Hanya Shingyo 11.06.2013 16:56

Oh, by the way... if not having a PSP is preventing you from playing PSP games, well, there's a way around that.
The PSP has emulators, now. Since I DO have a PSP, I've never tried it, but I hear it runs most games pretty well (on PC that is, apparently it's worse on Android). I guess it won't help with a translation, but if someone wants to do a rom hack Amnesia might be a fun project (as a full game, though, it'll be massive and take us a long time) . We'd just need some sort of code wizard to make that happen.

#18 RE: Otome Game by Huffle Parfait 14.06.2013 08:45



You're way too kind.......... I'm really. really excited when I saw your post, AWW but i cant do rom-hacking... I tried to read the tutorial or watching the video, but my brain just won't do...

But if i could really do hacking, then I'd probably start from PC Visual Novel Hacking from fans to fans, so awesome. awwwwwwwwwwww

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