#1 Gamer ID's by WildEagle 02.02.2013 04:32

Multipayer games are fun.
From Xbox Live Gamertags to World of Warcraft character names. Any ID related to a game can be posted in here for other people to see and add. We all want to play games with our fellow friends right?

PSN: WildEagle18
LoL: Dadimscare
Pockie Pirate: DarkBright

NDS FC - Tell me which games you want to add me (I have Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2, DQ IX, KH 365/2 and a few more that I forgot)

current games I'm playing with.

#2 RE: Gamer ID's by animerebel4 23.03.2013 04:53


PSN: PoPz-Animegirl4

sadly i can't get on my original account!!! so this is the one i use... i play playstation allstars/ call of duty typically on the ps3.... (also Zelda on the N64 ;D)

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