#1 Some Joints-Releases by Huffle Parfait 02.02.2013 15:04


More Joint-Releases are hereeeee!!

W-why am I always late in making news omg so sorry…

We’ve got 2 RELEASES from 2 different Joints!
One of them is for sure— Neon Dimension Ascension Track 3!

It was released from a big help of The Zero Alliance! Not to mention, to celebrate the second anniversary of them too~! Aww, Happy Anniversary, Senpai! >///<

For sure people in Huffly Parfait Scans are so happy that we could make a contact with TZA , it's such a big pleasure in the first place! We sure are wishing you to have a really nice year! <3

We're planning to release as much as we can on a special day in early February, guess when is it? ^ ^
Cheers for us~!

[quote]Fast Link:

Track 3 NDA ||

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