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#151 RE: Parfait Team by Huffle Parfait 22.06.2014 18:17


Whoooo!!! Another Gintama fans! (y) you watch it till the very end? Im still on ep221 D: haha Love Live omg, as for me-- I'm watching Kamigami no Asobi (which ended today *cries) YEAH RIGHTT. Mm-- but wouldnt it be awkward bcs technically, Phoenix lives in LA, right? And his great grandpa absolutely lives in Japan (Meiji Era)! Maybe they're just gonna say "Yeah, Pheonix is actually half or 3/4 Japanese." ......... q__q that'll be cool.

Ahh, you're right. I wonder about the other characters! I'm looking forward to seeing the prosecutor, though!<3 AND I WISH THIS SERIES WILL NOT BE ONLY IN ESHOP :/

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