#1 Chapters-Pack by Huffle Parfait 16.02.2013 15:55


This might be a bit late, but Happy St. Valentine's day <333 Like, you know. Full of chocolates... and... uhh, romance. YEA YEA so cupids... and their packs...

Bet what we've got here~

The 2nd Chapter of Hitotsu no Shigutsa mo

the 2nd part of MDMW Chapter 5, also the Final Chapter of My Dream My Work.

And a new project, Yamada Tarou Monogatari by Morinaga Ai!!!!

Still nothing, though... The only QCer in group was just too screw up to check anything anymore... ((Nn-- need... more... sleep--! ><))
Well, Feel free to enjoy your day, Readers~ Here comes the download links;

Hitotsu no Shigutsa mo [Chapter 2] ||
Yamada Tarou Monogatari [Chapter 37.3] ||
My Dream My Work [Chapter 5.2] [Chapter 6 (Final)]

Seeing that My Dream My Work has come to its final chapter... H- how do I say it, We thank all of our readers and Parfait Team who have made this Project to stay alive! Even until now! :) Right now we're working on several new titles, which are still under process. We still need more help to make 'em finish a.s.ap though... >< Stay tune, guys!

#2 RE: Chapters-Pack by ska 18.02.2013 05:49


THANKS SO MUCH for this release we were waiting for it XD THANKS SO MUCH ^^

#3 RE: Chapters-Pack by Huffle Parfait 18.02.2013 06:18


Some problems occured for Hitotsu no Shigusa mo on online-reading-sites, totally bugging me cause i didnt even upload em to any site except batoto....

#4 RE: Chapters-Pack by ska 18.02.2013 20:07


I know it always happen with english group T^T

#5 RE: Chapters-Pack by ecgradux 02.03.2013 17:07


Aww, MDMW has come to an end n.n

#6 RE: Chapters-Pack by Preston Branch 30.01.2018 06:17

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