#1 WildEagle by Snowy368 27.02.2013 01:03

Erm, it says that it's WildEagle's birthday at the bottom of the forum so if that's true then Happy Birthday WildEagle :)

...If it's not true then never mind...

#2 RE: WildEagle by paperprosciutto 01.03.2013 04:47


I know it's kinda late, but happy birthday~ ^_^

Happy birthday WildEagle Carlo!

#3 RE: WildEagle by ecgradux 02.03.2013 17:04


I know it's late, Happy Birthday :))

#4 RE: WildEagle by anajonalyn 05.03.2013 02:45


way WAY WAY super late but umm yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT ONE!

#5 RE: WildEagle by WildEagle 13.03.2013 03:59


Thanks y'all :D Even though my thanks is kinda late :D

#6 RE: WildEagle by Huffle Parfait 13.03.2013 10:42


You owe us a one week breakfast and dinner, carlo. :D
how's your bday? did you have fun? <3

#7 RE: WildEagle by WildEagle 13.03.2013 14:57


Sure just cross the border to Canada and I'll cook everyone Breakfast and Dinner :D

It was good partied all day xD There were tons of fooooood *drools*

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