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#1 Hello all! by Hanya Shingyo 28.02.2013 00:25

Hello everybody... I'm new here. I signed on recently as a new Japanese translator... I'm an American guy, kind of old (31), and lived and worked in Japan for about five years (rounding here, I think a little more than five) up until 2010 or so. I worked as a translator there for about 3 of those 5 years... otherwise I also studied there for a year and worked as a teacher when the economy collapsed. Then I got a job offer here that paid more than anything available there, and so I'm back in the US currently. I have no idea how long that will last, but I'm probably not moving with the next year, anyway.

I'm mostly interested in translating to keep up my skills at it (somehow I haven't forgotten much, but... I use Japanese a lot regardless), and also to be doing something other people will enjoy, to have goals to work on outside of actual work, and because it's actually fun. It's sort of a better question to ask why I never started before... and I guess it just never occurred to me, honestly. When it comes to manga/anime, I'm not really into the usual series translated here... but I don't dislike them, and I'm more suited to translating these than action/shounen stuff. I mean, I've dated people in Japanese, but I've never fought a demon king in Japanese (English, on the other hand...). For what it's worth, my preferences are more like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, Lupin III, Ranma 1/2... somewhere between comedy and action, but I'm fine with romance, shoujo, etc.

Anyway, I'm terrible at introducing myself, and this is probably a bit incoherent already, so... I'll end here, and just say nice to meet you all! I hope we can work together sometime soon, and ask away if you want to know something about me! I know I left out... well, practically everything... so go for it!

#2 RE: Hello all! by ronnii 28.02.2013 22:39

Nice to meet youuuuu! I'm ronni, I clean Neon Dimension Ascension and whatever else needs doing too.
Love Ranma 1/2! Ent read it in aaaaages though. Might have to go on the re-read list. I'm more of a shonen/seinen fan as well (hence why i do NDA), but i'm not adverse to romance haha.
Would love to go work abroad, I used to want to do German at uni and then live there, but then I studied law, and now i'm gonna be stuck int he UK for forever D: You'll have to let us who haven't been what it's like, it's just a distant dream for me at the moment.
But yeah, nice to meet you, look forward to working together :)


#3 RE: Hello all! by paperprosciutto 01.03.2013 04:44


Hey Hanya!

Welcome to Huffly Parfait Scans ^^
G.I.T.S. is awesome, no~?

#4 RE: Hello all! by ecgradux 02.03.2013 16:59


Welcome Hanya! I'm EC!

#5 RE: Hello all! by Hanya Shingyo 04.03.2013 00:41

Thanks for the welcome, paper and EC! And Ronnii too, although you started with the hard questions ^_^; Umm... Japan is... very much like everywhere else, but also very different, and I'm not entirely sure which is more accurate a description. And then the best stories to describe it are far from PG-13 (I can't even type the name I use to refer to one, and it's not like it was some private, gross thing... just insanity that literally happened on a street corner when I walked out of a store), so I'm kind of at a loss on how to begin even. All the Brits I knew there seemed LESS out of place than the Americans, though, so there's that... but I guess the shortest summary is "it's a lot like here, but there's a LOT higher chance of absolutely unbelievable insanity happening randomly on any given day". Oh, and after you leave for about a month it feels like everyone back home is HUGE. Huge and rude.

That aside, the British have tons of options for going wherever they want! Well, I always envied you guys the options, anyway... Americans can't get working holiday visas, or that whole "move wherever, it's the EU!" freedom. And there's a lot more along those lines, but I know nobody's interested in immigration law, usually, so I'll just drop that. Anyway, you never know, they probably need people who know British law in Germany somewhere! It may sound unlikely, but I constantly get emails about jobs I wouldn't believe existed (prison translator for Osaka prefecture, most recently... I didn't even know Osaka HAD translators in its prisons, or foreigners in prison for that matter... seems weirdly pointless to keep them there solely for prison, but whatever) so nothing's too weird to believe.

#6 RE: Hello all! by NeonNinjaSushi 04.03.2013 17:06


Hello there I'm Sushi, an editor from the UK. Japan is probably one place I would love to migrate to. Due to working in IT my curiosity about the 'technology capital of the world' is huge. If you need any help just gimme a pm, II'm happy to help

#7 RE: Hello all! by ronnii 04.03.2013 20:18

Sorry I chose the hard ones, it's what being a law student is about, hit them hard and fast and you win (Y) All the best stories are always 18+ haha. Would love a bit more random insanity in my life, I got uni student insanity (like going to the supermarket and almost everyone in there being in pjs at 4 in the afternoon), but that only goes so far to entertain me.
It's true we have the EU (for the time being at least, its looking more and more like we might be leaving) so that's a bonus.
And wow, really? That's so weird. There must a be a hella lotta english speaking prisoners to make hiring one worthwhile economically viable.

#8 RE: Hello all! by anajonalyn 05.03.2013 02:42


hiya!! welcum to the team!! ^_^

#9 RE: Hello all! by NeonNinjaSushi 05.03.2013 12:29


My life is full of random weirdness >.<
It seems most UK people are used to it and so it isn't all the random or weird

#10 RE: Hello all! by ska 05.03.2013 23:14


oh god! welcome! a new jp translator!! and ronnii are u a law student? oh god I am one too. 0.0

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