#1 playstation 4...? o_O by anajonalyn 19.04.2013 07:38


so like I've been hearing that the new PS4 is coming out (soon?) anyways, I was thinking of getting it, but then a person I knew said that I should just get the ps3 because it has more games then the ps4. but then, I've done a bit (very little) of research about the PS4, and I really like the new setup that they're planning on having for it. one of my main concerns, (I've actually Bing it, and googled) and practically everyone says that the PS4 is NOT compatible with PS3, PS2, or PS1 games. I have no clue, if its true or not (praying to the awesome creators of the PS that the PS3,2,&1 games are compatible)!!!!! anyways just wondering if anyone has any input or like statements or anything...anything at all... like is an Xbox better, a DS, a Wii??? anything..? -_-

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Wow you're getting a new console? Congrats!!!

I'm not really into Playstation, and if I ever would like to buy PS3/PSVita, that'd be 'coz of the games. As for this PS4, did you see a comment such as:

"But I don't know that we really need a new hardware cycle at this point from a creative standpoint."

Well i mean, it's like- I don't need a new console, I can even stand to play a game with a standard quality graphic, but please bring us more awesome game with an amazing story line. So- I only heard Assassin Creed 4 to fill PS4. Since I don't really enjoy it- so i dont really care...

I'd rather go buying PS3 first, or if you don't have any 3DS yet- then try it! //wow hve I told you guys my friend code?xD// what kind of game would you like to play? PS3 offers so many RPG ~ I'm going for 3ds coz it can play DS game and since theres so many game to plaaay... so yea. Xbox is good for a fighter.

#3 RE: playstation 4...? o_O by Kitsune Zero Vermillion 19.04.2013 16:42


As far as i know PS 4 can't play PS3 games and it won't be and even it would the gameplay and graphic might be different, better or worse. On the other hand, it has great potential of coming more awesome and various games. We can't compare the amount of games since PS4 is not yet released and Ps3 is released for years. The reason why it is not compatible for PS3 games, not only the 3D effect, graphics and new features because they are still releasing PS3 games. So those whom have PS3 not PS4, they still can wait for new game to be released.A method to earn money from Sony. For games, like i said we can't compare the amount of game that PS3 release , however, just like PS Vita , before it was released, it only has 3 games yet it was amazing that got everyone addicted. Afterwards more awesome games are released.

Playstation is not quite famous for bringing out amazing story line , they only provide better game play more that's all. PS4 is super duper expensive. For me that is. If you cant not wait to play games, then i would reckon buying PS Vita XD handheld is best , can play everywhere. You can buy PS3 while waiting but consider the cost PS3 which highly won't be reduced even PS4 is out + the game disc = PS4.

There are lots of issue clash between these 3 and 4.You should really double no, make it triple think about it . If you intend to get both PS3 and 4 then buy PS4 then buy PS3 second hand from your friends for example? Or may be wait for a gamer that not from Sony, to play and commentary then you can decide? I don't know how to you choose but be careful..... Sony are smart bastards

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whoa, lot of good points. I get you mi-chan, I feel the same way as long as its interesting to me and of course good graphics then i'll play it . I agree with you Kitsune. Sony are smart bastards, I read up more info, and I think the games are downloaded (I think) so you buy the games at the online store? still not sure, but yeah, i'll keep researching to see what the best console is for me to get. ^_^

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Go out and buy a SNES.
Ejecting the cartridges is part of the fun

#6 RE: playstation 4...? o_O by WildEagle 26.04.2013 12:39


Get the PS4, since it would be streaming PS1/PS2 games. RPG wise, PS2 had the greatest collection of RPG in any console. Spanning from FF X-XII, Dragon Quest VIII, Persona, Suikoden, .Hack titles, Xenosaga, Star Ocean 3, Disgaea etc (there's more but I'm too lazy to list them).

PS3 is more populated in FPS and action RPG instead or JRPG. There's only a handful of RPG that's been release for the ps3, like FF XIII series, Record of War series, Persona 3 & 4, etc.
So rpg wise PS4 will be better to buy if your looking to play the classic titles in the past playstation console. PS3 is not bad in terms of rpg but it was disappointing from JRPG standpoint after the classic jrpg collection ps2 had.

#7 RE: playstation 4...? o_O by Huffle Parfait 19.07.2013 11:27


Kingdom Hearts 3 and now am taking an interest in FF XV.


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