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#1 silence is not cool by anajonalyn 29.04.2013 04:57


so like I've been coming back here and well I haven't seen any updates so l thought i'd just spam and say random things. anyways ITS SO QUIET!!! or maybe it's just me. not sure, but I thought i'd just say I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! heehee!! YESS!!! I finally had the courage to declare my feelings for huffly parfait scanlation!! wait maybe I declared my love to early... NOO!!! oh well...what's done is done....guess i'll just write a story of my unrequited love..

#2 RE: silence is not cool by Huffle Parfait 29.04.2013 05:48


A- an chan..... ;;;;
I know exactly what you feel, lately i feel so scared about- idk, about everything... I mean- Ninja is gone, many talented staffs are gone.... Those spammers like Saku, Yotsu, Ecgradux, and YOU are-... Where are you all? ;;

I'm scared.... to stand alone...
And uh- thanks, I love this team too. Love this more than- our projects? I hope that we can always stay like- together.... It's stupid cuz i just know that it wouldnt happen, but.... Can we? Please.....
Dont leave me....

In the end.... i have to stand alone.

NOT TO MENTION THAT I ALWAYS DO, tho. But yall were always here so i was doing fine... But now...


tell us your unrequited love story please? Id love to hear that x3 and in return, I'll tell you guys anything! (no, jk not anything)

#3 RE: silence is not cool by Huffle Parfait 29.04.2013 06:06


Sorry because i rarely get on the forum. To tell you the truth

I always reply PM so late, and until I've replied all of the PM, I feel like it'd be better if I'm not showing on forum first. You know, talking about respect.

Teehe, SHOOT ME.
btw, not like i dont wanna reply you guys' pm or lazy anything- i swear. It excites me to read pm from you guys xD ahahaha (especiallyif it's out of projects and beside retirement, yes of course!!),

but my brain isnt that 'amazing' or genius so ... sometimes it can be orverworked and moi cant think of anything.

Not to mention that I- too, have to take care of anything else and not just replying pm..... (sometimes im just thinking to hire a new admin?)

That's all, so sorry about my behavior! But I'm really- really proud of you guys and this team, thank you!!

#4 RE: silence is not cool by Kitsune Zero Vermillion 29.04.2013 08:09


Create Facebook group , end of story xD solve many problems.

I am the type who lazy to post a topic zzzzzzz. ~~~~~~~~~~ but the type who active reply a post lolz lolz so XD i can spam reply equal to amount of new topic XD . So anyone post any new topic ? XD

#5 RE: silence is not cool by NeonNinjaSushi 29.04.2013 09:11


I'm sorry Mitchiiiiii >.<

#6 RE: silence is not cool by Huffle Parfait 29.04.2013 10:04


Why apologizing onii-chan? xD good luck with ur days okay <3 make 'em full of rainbow!!

Nooo dont act so cheerful Zerotan, to stand still like this.... It hurts me just too much- T-T AND I DID MAKE A THREAD ABOUT BLACK BUTLER no one has answered it yet ;n;

oh and,
I... will totally believe in you guys.

But talking about new admin, let's talk about this i need some help?

#7 RE: silence is not cool by Huffle Parfait 29.04.2013 10:06


I dont even have a facebooky and you ask me to organize forum wordpress tumblr 2 emails and facebook alone? ;; jk i dont mind at all but...

Flickr anyone.

#8 RE: silence is not cool by Kitsune Zero Vermillion 29.04.2013 11:28


i saw the black butler post , should be the first to see but again i stop watching black butler for reason of too much yaoi O>O so i didnt reply anything there

Be cheerful a bit XD things will definitely automatically solved the problem.......................

About admin stuff, you should give to someone work with you long time lolz............. easier that way :) but right now not sure why you need an admin right now :O

You are currently doing good by yourself

#9 RE: silence is not cool by Huffle Parfait 29.04.2013 12:17


but i feel like being ignored !! i never ship ciel and sebas-chan, dunno why. Like- never really come into my mind...
until you mentioned that. o.o

yea, thanks Zerotan (noyesh i chose a right bunny emo showing like a HIGHFIVE) I'll keep in mind to stay... cheerful, i guess? hahahah, i don't know- just imagine- do YOU have enough time to help a scanlation like HP? as an admin- that's it. If i were you, i would. but that's just cuz i dun have any life. More likely- throwing it away.

aww sweet i am? thank you <3 it encourages me.
I just need 'em o.o so if i;m on the verge of "collapse"- somebody will cover me up?

#10 RE: silence is not cool by Kitsune Zero Vermillion 29.04.2013 13:12


Time i can manage ..... hell i have lots of time. My life is being thrown away to anime more than you do lolz. No worry. If need any help just call T^^T ~~~~

Anime teach me to be happy and active and be strong XD that's why always be cheerful :)

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