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#1 Starting by Huffle Parfait 29.04.2013 12:27


So... /shrugs/

Any story that you'd like to share? You can also request one from me. WOW STORY SECTION GREAT SELF NICE IDEA. *runs away and goes back to PS* anyonee

#2 RE: Starting by Kitsune Zero Vermillion 29.04.2013 13:23


i want to know the story of your about love at first sight >"<!!

#3 RE: Starting by anajonalyn 30.04.2013 02:28


ohh yes yes! mee too!

#4 RE: Starting by Kitsune Zero Vermillion 30.04.2013 08:51


After the " incident" of Visual Noel group that i join, my last project's incident ( Mitchell knows about it). I was aimlessly looking for online job for entertainment and contribution for anime and manga. I decided to join a paid manga which it was hard to join and no reply.

My ex- leader told me about this and said "A true otaku will do anything for free for anime. You don't know what type of the person you will be working with. Beside, next following year you gonna be 18 which part-time job paid you more and much faster. We must earn money fast to spend the last joy of money on anime, don't you agree. Oh, and bring a friend with you if you are joining a paid group".

And then I bring Dionysia Koh with me who has no experience on doing manga which applied many scans for practices which found HP group was active and chatty which I ended up joining you guys which brought me here as i typing now. Here I am..... clap???

#5 RE: Starting by Kitsune Zero Vermillion 30.04.2013 08:51


The story was for Mitch request from the topic " silence is not cool" page 2

#6 RE: Starting by anajonalyn 30.04.2013 09:37


*APPLAD* I shall write mines tomorrow, because I am wiped out today. yes? ^_^

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btw, I didn't know there were groups that get paid for doing what we do. i know it's hard, but i enjoy it ^_^ well PR i get the 1st glimpses on a translated manga!! and i agree with your ex-leader yes, manga should be shared, why if it hadn't been for the guys in the beginning we would not have these sites, and besides, the higher the ratings of a manga online, the bigger the reason the company will want to translate and turn into anime and the more it will travel the world in different languages, also for the people who could not afford to go all the way to japan or china or korea to get an anime or manga, they have us!! ^_^ and more and more people are getting into manga and anime because of us! ....hmmm...perhaps i have rambled on about something that does not make sense yes? idk, oh well if anyone was able to understand than i guess that is good. because i have no clue what i just rambled on about O_o

#8 RE: Starting by Huffle Parfait 30.04.2013 10:20


lemme repost here =3

Love at- what o.o
OH CMON, way too embarrassing!! But hey, I used to 'love' at the first sight like- countless of time. it happened before i knew manga. (like 3 1/2 - 4 years ago?) meaningless stories if i must say.

Although indeed- there's this one man... That i've always been seeing since first time i entered 'that' cram school. ... He's... Way too different.
I regret to have heard that he has a gf already, but i cant do anything... can i? It's been 2 years since i met him, all i can do is stalk. </3

ievensawhowhebrokeupwithhisgf and like- =O >///< ''A chance?!''
but 2 weeks later, he got a new one. And- =O "I dont even stand a chance?!"

My feelings grow harder ever since i greeted him in front of the lift,
me: "H- hi!!"
he: "*not even hearing, i guess*"
me: "H- hey!!!!!!!"
h: "*looking at me* ..........

CANT YOU SEE HOW COLD HE IS. He loves playing video games, not kind of vg which i like (resident evil, assasin creed, mass effect), so that's why- im trying to find myself in a world that he's into too....

I'm glad that i can fit in. I'm glad that i can finally understand what he's talking about. I even learn how to calm down.... By just seeing his face....

Sooo thanks for requesting! Is that good enough?

I wanna request a story about YOU TWO, the way you find and choose Huffly Parfait as a sanlation group that you'd like to join in. Ahaha lame... sorry!

Complete with ur 'thought' and chats? :*

#9 RE: Starting by Huffle Parfait 30.04.2013 10:31


hahhaa, exactly an "incident" ! Sorry to hear than, Zero. I cant make any promises but I won't let something like "that" happen on us. Never !

Wow, I envy your ex-leader (AND IM YOUR NOW-LEADER I FEEL PROUD? /bigshot) s/he sounds wise. I always wish to be someone like that.. maybe i need to insert more wise-word or even poem or anything like that whenever i pm or chat with yall T-T
A true lover... yeah, not doing "something" for "some thing" , that is a real passion. =) I like that!!

I thought Rose-chan introduced you to us, because she's like- "there's someone who wants to join Huffly Parfait" and like- "WHOOOOOHOOO" that moment when you said that- "I can be a Japanese/Vietnam translator" i was like- *dies*

Thank you for joining us! I hope you and Rose-chan enjoy your stay here ^^ I love talking to you 2 ! An-chan, i'd like to hear from you!! <3 We're waiting ~
tell us more about any story guys!

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I dunno how a paid system works, but of course there are groups who pay their staffs. I always feel like "Oh i just- i cant. I'm still far way too much for being paid." A paid-group usually hires Redrawer/Cleaner/Translator, i once saw a recruitment thread for cleaner, but yea of course i dont feel like joining? O.o

I understand you very much, An-chan! Somehow i guess- Japan only makes things for them self. It's (always?) world publishers who have to reach and catch Japan's products (ex. North America publisher, or Europe publisher), and in our case (manga/anime) there's not so many a/m who have been lincesed to english, so it's actually a shame that even fans have to act by their own. I'm not sure why I have to say it as "a shame" because fans (we) do that because they LOVE a/m. But- well... we help Japan's publisher, actually...

Yea, they have us... =) I hope they can somehow manage to thank us more MWUAHAHAA well since we are illegal im not in position to say much asdfghjkl

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