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ZERO! You're back <33 !! Oh- uh... you..

PERVES!!!!!! Licking your lips in front of a girl, uh- oh... >/////< I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO INSERT BLUSHING RABBIT HERE. Hahha, slap? Really?? It must be funny to troll someone ! (laughs) Get a gf and troll her, Zero <3

Okay, thanks to you now I can start my story. (love) Not so boring but tadaa-:

It was around 6... or 7.. or 5... no, I forgot, but several months ago when Sakura (Typesetter), NeonNinjaSushi (Editor), and Hoon (K/Translator) (all are past-tense except Hoon), and I /of course/ were chatting on Skype. That time, I just got a new proofreader, call him M (no it doesn't stand for Masochist), and so he joined our Parfait Chat.

I didn't expect him (M guy) to be so... manly, well he loved Puella Magi so what, but... then when I introduced him to the guys in Parfait Chat, mm... how do I say this- he acted... funny? Just say that he scared Saku, and Neon didn't like it (did I ever mention how Neon protected Saku very much?). Hoon who was there at that time, defended us.

Since I probably didn't want to lose this new guy, so of course I tried to "settle" things down, and maybe I more to defend to this new guy. Those who were on the chat didn't seem to like my idea (maybeeee xD), so some argues began for about a day, and TA-DA, M left the chat.

I was sad.

But I was pissed with him too, "How dare he acted like that to my team!? TO ME ??? I'M HIS BOSS." , I thought. So just as Hoon said, "We have enough proofreader, having more PR than the translator will be just a waste." , something like that... (well you know it kind of made me open my eyes *scratch head*). So I messaged M (through PM), I was surprised he still wanted to visit this forum.

Then the real argue began.
.... wait hey I forgot, lemme check my PM.

... Oh-- right! I thanked him to have left our Skype (no, it's more than what it sounds) And... uh, I commented his fanfiction, and... yea... several PMs later, he was already really pissed, we did argue, AND I WAS MAD YOU KNOW!! But thank goodness, it ended with him questioning me:

"Since when I was a dere?"

Haha! YOU DESERVED THAT. After his last PM (above), I didn't reply him again and so he hasn't been visiting our forum anymore (sad).

Conclusion: I finally said it!
I've been enduring this story for long time!! Bet they won't read it but HAHA, I told you Saku, Neon, Hoon, I DIDN'T LEAVE HIM BE!! (laughs) Thanks for listening.

now I can die in peace... *snore

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Hmm..... quite a story you got there O>O?

I never get a chance to recruit a staff before so i don't know what kind of "superman" or "superwoman" is and criteria are. But, 1 of the biggest different between the leader and the staff is that, the leader can do a better "job interview". I think that is one of the factor that make a scans better.

I guess you did great................ about enduring, i cant tell how harsh it was since there is no conversation but oh well ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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