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I wrote this ages ago, and it's more like a prologue than an actual story. i had a plan to add more chapters but got busy

“You’ve heard the stories. Read the tales of my time. The tales of dragons and magic and Knights in their shinning armour. I am not the world’s most amazing story teller. I can’t make words come to life. I definitely won’t spin you tales of brave Knights full of chivalry. Just a few months ago, I was just like you, an ordinary child. Childhood, the world I tried to hard to rid myself of. The world that now I would give anything to go back to. My name? You ask. My name is Roscoe Farthing, and this is my story.”

Sighing, Roscoe put the strange device down, turning it over in his hands, “What a strange little machine”. The wizard, Merlin had given it to him earlier that day. “Hold onto this Roscoe, it will record your story. I’m sure it’s going to be a tale of the ages” Roscoe mimicked, rolling his eyes. “Greatest wizard to live... Yet still completely bonkers”. It was a hard concept for Roscoe to grasp, magic, he failed to see how this small machine could record his story. He didn’t have a story, definitely not a tale for the ages. “Six months ago I was a lowly stable boy and now... this”. Roscoe held his arms, his hands spreading to either side of the room. The room, how could he describe the room? It had a bed! Roscoe wasn’t used to sleeping on beds, having grown up, living off the land. This amazing bed was draped in red, the royal colour. The walls draped in the same shade. Roscoe hated the shade, it reminded him of blood. He had seen far too much blood for a boy his age, he was barely 17. The 17 year old who had saved the world, sounds dramatic right? Maybe we should rewind time, and take you right back to the start.

The day Roscoe was born was a very dark one. The kingdom was in the midst of a war, and it was not the time to be an illicit child of the king. The fact that his mother was a sorceress wasn’t as big a deal as in earlier years, now Arthur was king, magic was no longer outlawed. Adultery was a very big deal. Upon finding out that the king had been unfaithful; the queen started a vicious manhunt for the woman that had seduced him, the outcome of this was not a good one. It left Roscoe without a mother, and the kingdom without a queen. The battle between the two sorceresses would be told for years, each telling of the battle leaving out a very important detail. Roscoe. Before his mum died, Arthur made her a promise: To always make sure their son would be safe. The way he kept this promise? Roscoe was brought up by Merlin, unaware of his heritage. That one day, the kingdom was fated to be his. Merlin did what he could for the boy, educating him in the ways of his work hoping, that someday he would follow his destiny, and wield Excalibur for the lands to see, just as his father had done. Fast forward again, to one day in May 16 years after the battle between the two sorceresses. The day our tale begins.

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I would really like to see where is this going XD.

#3 RE: The false hero of Camelot by NeonNinjaSushi 08.05.2013 12:05


So would I ^-^;

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I'd never known that you're an excellent writer. ♪♪♪ Neither to know you like writing story! I would love to see how it turns out ~! Keep this up!! You wrote it so good ^^ I'M TOTALLY WAITING FOR THE PROGRESS

feel guilty but reminds me of Merlin xD

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It's based in Arthurian times so it will remind you of Merlin XD
I'm stocking up on camelot legend and stuff to be able to write accurately

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right? xD man, miss this kind of story.

Good luck! I might not be able to help you in the history, but willing to give you any opinion if you want. *^^*

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