#1 Spring Anime 2013 by Huffle Parfait 09.05.2013 15:38


I'm watching bunch of them, but I heard Attack of Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) is the most popular one?

I actually surprised cuz i found myself pleasant with this anime, i mean- bloods, military, eating humans... different from SHOUJO WHICH I ALWAYS THROW MY PILLOW CARELESSLY EVERY TIME I SEE THOSE COUPLES TOGETHER. Soo

Kakumeiki Valvrave and Suisei no Gargantia are also good (weird but they both have a similar main character)

Chokotan! anime is being released too !
uh well, we should really start to search for a raw provider for chokotan...

#2 RE: Spring Anime 2013 by Kitsune Zero Vermillion 09.05.2013 18:42


Anime is just kept getting better and better

#3 RE: Spring Anime 2013 by Huffle Parfait 10.05.2013 10:12


i thought you're gonna say more? =o

is there an anime that you're watching right now? and how's your fever!?!???! is it getting better? ><

#4 RE: Spring Anime 2013 by Kitsune Zero Vermillion 10.05.2013 10:30


getting better thx a lot lolz..... Currently i pause watching anime since i got poly Quiz otw + i spend my free time go Arcade play Sound Voltex >< so.............

#5 RE: Spring Anime 2013 by anajonalyn 14.05.2013 19:55


OHH!! I saw an advertisement of this anime. it looks very interesting. ^_^ and sounds AWESOME. <I am somehow very in love with anime like this, idk it just appels to me.>

@mi-chan!! I agrreee!! I've been wondering what happens next for Chokotan. haha. ever since I PR the first one. very interesting I still wish my dogs can talk back to me.

#6 RE: Spring Anime 2013 by Huffle Parfait 24.05.2013 15:55


An-chan likes action anime?

and I suppose the dog on your profile pic is your dog?
GIVE. HIM. A WEIRD PLANT. AND TA---DAAAAA. He's cute... *glomps

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