#1 Huffly RP? by paperprosciutto 25.05.2013 08:46


Well, I was wondering if people here liked RP'ing. I think it's fun, and it may be an incentive to get more members to log in more often.

No? Ok. XD

#2 RE: Huffly RP? by Huffle Parfait 25.05.2013 09:36



Ja, I used to rp as.. around 5 different characters on tumblr. Well it's pretty fun to be a "character" you know, *chuckles*

We here /once/ had a thought to make a section for role play activity, but silly me haven't made it, since I didn't hear more 'support' from people to RP anymore. I'd love to try it:)

Any ideas?

#3 RE: Huffly RP? by paperprosciutto 26.05.2013 01:00


F-five?! O_o ...and I thought one was already a handful. -_-

Lol, I wonder what kind of universe would suit this community. XD
I was thinking of some kind of fake utopia~ where everything looks good on the surface, but on the inside it's all chaotic and stuff.

Or how about some zombie apocalypse thing.

You know, generating ideas never really was my forte. >_<

#4 RE: Huffly RP? by mjin 26.05.2013 14:22


OMG!!! THIS SOUNDS SO FUN! FAKE UTOPIA?! ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?! YESSS! Or we could maybe even do like school days! :) :)

#5 RE: Huffly RP? by Huffle Parfait 26.05.2013 15:40


Boarding-High Students who find out about a secret door to the Fake-Utopia world? LOL xD The magnificent Utopia world is starting to fall down and leave its residents to a deadly life, leaving people with "regrets" and soon turns out to be a zombie. SERIOUSLY HUFFLE

These students each has different character, well here i'm just gonna focus to the one who doesn't believe with such a tale like Utopia etc. Haha ~ When the first time they fall down to Utopia, they meet someone and (qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm) when in the end, they're ordered to meet the queen/king and ta-da!

The popular Utopia's queen/king who's known as a charming and kind person, has now changed to be a cold type. Utopia's fall has changed everything! The un-invited students aren't allowed to come and...

... and now I think it doesn't sound right at all.

I'd love to try as a male character ~

#6 RE: Huffly RP? by paperprosciutto 27.05.2013 16:10

Haha, the chibi-boss sure is imaginative. :3
I shall add my take on the theme then~

How about an Alice Academy type setting where students are trained for service in a highly developed utopian society called Huffle Parfait [or something less cute XD]?
Some are trained for the military, some are trained for intelligence, some are trained for diplomatic tasks, while others study technology.

[or whatever, really. people could just sprout wings and fly. or turn into eggplants.]

The native citizens of HP all have exemplary abilities in these areas because they are the only society to have synthesized a chemical that alters and enhances brain and physical growth.

This composition of this substance is a closely guarded secret, as it is the only thing that makes it far superior above other societies.

Because of this, other societies have either chosen to ally themselves with or against the HP as they do not possess the physical or mental enhancements the chemical gives. However, the chemical has one problem. It causes infertility and shortens the lifespan of those who use it. As a result, they have to rely on other communities for population growth. This sometimes causes a strain on diplomatic relations.

There are underground groups that seek to eliminate the chemical, while others hope to steal it for themselves. Some are even trying to improve it, in order to eliminate the need for diplomacy and wage an all out war against other societies then keep slaves just to retain populations.

Here are the possible factions:

[Normals] - People who come from outside HP either willingly or through illegal means. They do not have superhuman abilities, but may possess practical skills that the HP do not. Since their body chemistry has not been altered, they are generally mentally stable and physically healthy. Some hate the HP's, while others aim to become one of them.

[HP's] - People who have been exposed to the chemical. Their enhancements are either physical or mental- they have to be one or the either, and cannot happen at the same time. Though stronger than the average human, the power comes at a cost. They are more vulnerable to some diseases and may be weak against some chemicals. Some of them also have psychological problems. Not all of them enjoy the privilege the chemical gives them. Some seek to work with the humans to destroy the system, while others strive to maintain their dominance.

Oh my god, I have way to much free time.

Sorry for spamming. >///<
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