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#1 Hi everyone! by Sar 27.05.2013 23:48


Nice to meet everyone so I'm new haaha is a pleasure to be here, and I'm here because I will like to join as graphic artist or colorist and I was so surprised when I found out that this scanlation group is working in Stand Up!(currently loving it) and I hope getting along with everyone

#2 RE: Hi everyone! by anajonalyn 28.05.2013 01:10

HELLO SAR!!!!! WELCOME <RUN..RUN..RUN> GLOMP!! *GIANT BEAR HUG* welcome!!!very nice to meet you!!! aww you read STAND UP!! >//<

ARIGATO!! BTW I AM ANA or anajonalyn or an....whichever you prefer to call me, it is all good b^_^

and of course I can't wait to work with you!
#3 RE: Hi everyone! by paperprosciutto 28.05.2013 04:07

Hi Sar! :D

Welcome to Huffly Parfait~ I hope you have a great time with the team -glomps-
Omg, another artistic person. XD I can't draw to save my life.

You can call me sciutto by the way, cause I know paperprosciutto is a mouthful.
#4 RE: Hi everyone! by Sar 28.05.2013 04:38

Hi! Thanks for being nice! And yes An I love Stand UP and sciutto, I am an artistic person :) and I hope getting along with everyone and that you like my works!
#5 RE: Hi everyone! by Huffle Parfait 28.05.2013 13:12


T- thank you, I've never thought you really would take my offer to join us. We're working on Stand Up! ~ ~ ~ many people love it, we'll of course try our best ;) (and An-chan, Stand Up!'s proofreader, is just being too happy fu fu)

I probably never see your work before, but show us sometimes ~! We'd love to see em I can only use graphic-software to make recruitment/credit page and scanlating jobs, hahha- so of course you'll be needed very much! So thank you!!! I hope you'll stay with us as long as you can ~
#6 RE: Hi everyone! by Huffle Parfait 28.05.2013 13:12

I forgot, what software do you use for coloring? xD
#7 RE: Hi everyone! by Sar 28.05.2013 13:16

Photoshop, and I really hope you like my works, and of course I was going to join you have one of my favorites mangas... :D
#8 RE: Hi everyone! by Huffle Parfait 04.06.2013 12:16


I SAW SAR-CHAN'S WORKS AND THEIR AMAZING. not once i ever thought to do coloring, ahhahha so when i tried... "HOW DO WE DO THIS." I watched this vid a moment ago-

and instantly tried to color again but "WHAT COLOR TO PIC." You're cool Sar-chan not as easy as i think.

#9 RE: Hi everyone! by NeonNinjaSushi 04.06.2013 21:18


Hello there and welcome to HufflyParfait. I'm Sushi and it's nice to meet you. What version of photoshop do you use? There's some pretty cool features in the newest one that are good for colouring. I've always found paint tool sai pretty good for colouring too. Although for cell shading I would personally avoid it.

#10 RE: Hi everyone! by Sar 04.06.2013 21:22


Hi! Thanks Huffle for liking my works! And Sushi I use CS6 even though I'm a novice at colouring, I'm learning different things everytime that I color something.

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