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#1 Forum Template by Huffle Parfait 10.08.2012 08:40


So... I changed the template to be... like this.
Do ya' prefer the Pink one, or this one?

#2 RE: Forum Template by nina 10.08.2012 09:44


well personally i like this one.. but the pink one was sorta yummy and Delicious!! haha.

#3 RE: Forum Template by ilovebhong 10.08.2012 23:46


i think the pink one suited the name more.. but this template is better imo (but i'm a guy so this color is my bias lol)

#4 RE: Forum Template by Snowy368 11.08.2012 04:19

...It feels like the forum changed twice today but I like it as it is now. I like the darker colour/template with the new background and the background suits the name.

#5 RE: Forum Template by Huffle Parfait 13.08.2012 07:10


Tehehhe, it changed for the most of time! /shot/
Well yup. You can tell that black is my fav. color too, and the background... ffufufu. Supporting the name and for sure the template. So at least I didn't choose a bad idea, eh. xD

#6 RE: Forum Template by ecgradux 20.08.2012 16:16


If you need help with any customizing you can call me :))

#7 RE: Forum Template by Huffle Parfait 02.09.2012 16:12


I changed it like 5 times and...

I'LL FINISH IT TOMORROW OKAYY. But should we really use this background?

#8 RE: Forum Template by ilovebhong 02.09.2012 16:13


i like this one ~ it feels a lot cleaner and smoother

#9 RE: Forum Template by Huffle Parfait 02.09.2012 16:16


You should really refresh ur browser again...

How about this one? :/ OMGEE

#10 RE: Forum Template by icppunk0 02.09.2012 16:19


haha u scared the crap uota me i was changing screens when u changed the colors and i kinda panicked

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