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#81 RE: hey everyone by Sakura_Girl 07.08.2013 19:13


Oooh, Blindy Fog. I like it ^ ^
After cleaning manga for a while all I see is black and white everywhere O.O

#82 RE: hey everyone by Huffle Parfait 08.08.2013 08:59


Awww thanksx3

AHHAHAH, gosh I understand! I got the idea to "grayscale" the forum from our cleaning job:33 DUDE, I NEED COLORS ;N; always feel free to suggest me design!

#83 RE: hey everyone by Huffle Parfait 12.08.2013 04:52


I--- i'm sorry, my eyes were hurt and needed more colors so I changed the layout again ;;;;v;;;
Tea Latté?

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