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Good day!

Another post by us, we hope you won’t get mad to find out that this one isn’t a release news. ^^; HA HA talking about which–! Did you guys hear it already, about how we got a suppa amazing Colorist in our Parfait Team about weeks ago??

Welcome to our Parfait Team, Sar!!!

Sar as a new Graphic-Editor will be in charge to make “artworks” such as banner, recruitment page, and more importantly– “coloring manga-page” , with the aim to make our sites more /at least/ lively! So yep- We totally would like to gain more graphic editor who's willing to make banner, credit page, and any kind of editing type for our team!

So such a pleasure to have Sar here! ^^


Sar's works

They’ll be posted in our Picture Gallery (forum) and Tumblr! SO CHECK ‘EM ALL <33

Aside from that… GOSH I KNOW SO MANY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT. A new cleaner, Smurd, has arrived to help us who’s in the verge of collapse AWW~ two… cleaners… ;; *struggle* *struggle* She's sooooo great in redrawing! I expect you for this job, Smurd-chan!

We cannot /yet/ expect so-fast releases for you… but the more people who’s willing to join us, I can say you a word to release ASAP!! Check out our recruitment page, guys!

… Oh, what else. This might be so out of topic and such a personal stuff– but yesterday, I reunited with my old friend, Nana, who happened to pass by on Batoto . I can’t believe she’s still up to Scanlation stuff!! It was one year ago since I last chatted with her ~ and magically, yesterday was also the same day when I finally got to be on Skype again (after one or two months) and whats not, Emi was there and we chatted all day long ovo OHH THANK GOODNESS.

Not to mention, they’re my very first pals in Scanlation. (chuckles)


Many staffs are too busy right now, either of their Summer holiday or part time job. THAT'S WHY WE NEED MORE HANDS!! > <

I'll off to PS now... (chuckles) all day long ~

Again, welcome to our Parfait Team, Sar and Smurd!!! Nice to have you in team. ^^

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