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#11 RE: Hello everyone : ) by NeonNinjaSushi 24.07.2013 16:49


Hello there, it's nice to see you and welcome to the forum. :)

#12 RE: Hello everyone : ) by Sakura_Girl 24.07.2013 18:31


@Hanya...sempai??? M-may I call you sempai as well? It's very nice to meet you! I hope we do get to work with each other in the future ^ ^

@Huffle: Oh yes! I remember reading Stand Up! on Mangafox and I really enjoyed it...I had no idea that Huffly Parfait was the group scanlating it until after I joined haha.

Yes, I suppose since the B/W protagonists were supposed to be older than the ones in previous games they wanted to give them older sounder names...?
Oh well, I still don't like them. The game was good though! ^ ^
Hmm, I've seen trailers and stuff for X/Y, and I thought the new fire starter and the new Eeveelution were really cute! Well, I dunno about buying a 3DS, since at the moment I don't have enough money to buy it anyway haha.

@NeonNinja: Hi ^ ^
Thank you, it's nice to meet you as well!

#13 RE: Hello everyone : ) by NeonNinjaSushi 24.07.2013 21:03


Mitchi Sensei has found somebody to talk about pokemon with ^-^

#14 RE: Hello everyone : ) by Huffle Parfait 25.07.2013 02:45


Haha, I agree with you (BW protags). If I were to choose the starter in XY, I'll absolutely choose the fire type<3 FOXXY jajaja well okay what else.... >///>

you said that, Oscar<3 AND PIKACHU AS YOUR SIGGY (sweet>///<) maybe I needa change mine too.....

#15 RE: Hello everyone : ) by NeonNinjaSushi 25.07.2013 17:00


yeah I've been making loads of pokemon tags recently for a reason I've not yet found out

#16 RE: Hello everyone : ) by Sakura_Girl 25.07.2013 18:33


Haha, I'm glad I found Pokémon fans as well. ^ ^
The fire starter is just SO CUTE. It's like a mix of Vulpix/Eevee. I just hope the evolutions aren't ugly >_<

NeonNinja, I love your Pikachu sig ^ ^

#17 RE: Hello everyone : ) by anajonalyn 27.10.2013 07:12


HEllo!!! very nice to meet you. I'm Ana!!! ^_^

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