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#1 Rest? by Huffle Parfait 02.08.2013 00:51


Hello, hello everyone ~

This forum is getting dull all over, sorry for not trying to make this place to be so-any-fun. Ifyouknowhatimeanofcourse. BUT YOU KNOW I'M BORED TOO SO IT'S NOT JUST YOU.


I'm not in a very good shape since last July... probably 'cause I have been working until late-night? (chuckles) I ended up getting a cold here, so... am I allowed to get some rest although many work haven't been finished yet?

On top of all, Happy August!!
I wish we can have a very wonderful moments this month!

#2 RE: Rest? by WildEagle 03.08.2013 03:19


So glad July is done ._.
Worst month ever >.> The apartment I live in got flooded since there was a big storm in Toronto a few weeks back and it took time to clean up the place D:

You should rest Mitchiiiiii, don't be like me, I been feeling nausea during this month and it doesn't feel good going to work with a big headache Q_Q

#3 RE: Rest? by Huffle Parfait 03.08.2013 08:11


Carlo! GOSH you didn't leave us!!! (such a blunt thought, yeah...)
Ohh, I knoww- I feel like there's no end for the past July-.- Did I tell you about my pass-or-you-die exam? Some kind of an important science test AND I HAD TO STUDY ON MY SUMMER BREAK THAT'S SO------- Oh, what else-- we also had our first anniversary on July (7th) so we were kinda busier.

BUT HEY, I read the news about Toronto's flood! Such a bad storm and made a bad damages, sorry to hear that! :(

I tried to rest, but just when I was laying on the sofa, I mumbled: "What should I do. WHAT SHOULD I DO I HAVE NO LIFE I KNOW I'M BUSY BUT NOT IN MY REAL LIFE." and sighed. You know, maybe one or two recommendation game would be helpful.

I hope August will be so much better for us, dear. <3 Good luck with your cleaning (apartment), and have some rest. ;u; I'll miss you...

#4 RE: Rest? by WildEagle 03.08.2013 19:58


Yeah and I missed it :( I didn't have power for 3 days during the storm D:

Do you have a 3ds? Play Project X Zone, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kingdom Hearts: 3DDD
Do you have a DS? Do you have an r4? Download Ace Attorney Series best way to kill time while you sick
Do you have a ps3? Get a psn card and buy Persona 3: FES in PS store


Thanks, I'm just moving my stuff now :D, it feels nice to be back in the apartment xD I been living at my parent's house while we clean out my apartment >.> omg there was so much moss, they were so disgusting Q_Q

Get well soon so you can have a HAPPY August ;D

#5 RE: Rest? by Sakura_Girl 04.08.2013 00:00


Oh no! I hope you did well on your exam, Huffly! FEEL BETTER, OKAY???

And yeah, I heard about the flood too! I have family living in Toronto, but luckily they weren't hit.
That sucks that you had to go through that...I hope everything's okay! Ew, moss is gross.

I second the Ace Attorney series! ^ ^ It's one of my favorites.

#6 RE: Rest? by Huffle Parfait 04.08.2013 09:43


Awww, even Mai replied this thread<3 Thank you for your concern!^^

YEA PEOPLE, SO THERE WERE 30 ENTRANTS, and I heard only 8 people passed. quq Indeed I studied for 7 days, I even fully concentrated before the exam began, my situation was worsen when I realized only 2 of my short-term classmates (male) participated on the exam, of course you'd think: "Oh no. I know no one. No one would likely talk to me I feel so left out." Well I made a new acquaintance, who-- I found out-- was pretty smart and once the exam had begun-- entrants were mostly asking the answers to her soooo....

Yes, I passed.


I believe my luck really helped me^^; and no-- I'm not the type who have "Excellent Luck" all the time! Before the exam's day, I asked most of people here to "wish me luck" for the exam. xD tee-he, I feel so grateful... and I remember how I was so panic while typing the PMs. I mean-- "Tomorrow is the day!!!! Tomorrow is the day!!! I- I need luck-wishing!!!!!!!"

If you're asking about the questions, well they're not easy. ;u;

Out of power for 3 days?! Uhhh, storm- typhoon- lightning- hurricane-- etcs-- BAD NATURAL DISASTERS I know-.- *pats pats* one of a biggest risk for staying in such a continent. ;u;)/

I'VE BEEN SAVING MONEY TO BUY 3DS GAMES BUT ALAS I pre-ordered Hakuouki 3d Limited Edition first quq FOR SUCH A PERSON WHO DOESN'T HAVE MUCH SAVINGS, I NEED TO WAIT FOR KH:3D, FIRE EMBLEM AND... maybe Project X Zone? Plus Pokemon Y, Devil Survivor Break Record, Rune Factory 4 (LOL i know), even I haven't been able to buy Animal Crossing NL geez. I'm- I'm pathetic...

Ace Attorney seems good! I might try it^^ Thank youuu<3

Does anyone play The World Ends With You?

#7 RE: Rest? by WildEagle 05.08.2013 03:58


I played The World Ends With You, such an amazing story. DS really had such amazing RPG's during it's day. Nintendo handle always delivers on great rpg <3

#8 RE: Rest? by Sakura_Girl 05.08.2013 05:31


I agree, it had such a great story ^ ^ I really liked Neku and Joshua's characters especially. And I saw some gameplay footage for Animal Crossing New Leaf and it looked really cool. I'll have to save some money for that as well. (And of course for that new Pokémon game and Ace Attorney 5!)

P.S: Congrats on passing! I'm so happy for you ^ ^

#9 RE: Rest? by WildEagle 05.08.2013 05:42


It sucks that Ace Attorney 5 is only e-shop download, I wanted a hard copy of the game too >.> :( But oh well I can't wait to play as Phoenix Wright again and Edgeworth looks so cool with his eye-glass now xD

#10 RE: Rest? by Sakura_Girl 06.08.2013 05:20


I saw the anime trailer for the game and it looked really AWESOME. Apollo looked so cool in his bandages and stuff. ^ ^ And the new prosecutor is so mysterious!
Yes, I'm so glad Phoenix is back! I mean, I liked Apollo and I'm glad he's back in AA5, but Phoenix well, PHOENIX WRIGHT. And YES. Edgeworth just looks even more handsome in this!
I'm seriously about to buy a 3DS just so I can play this game.

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