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#21 RE: Rest? by Huffle Parfait 31.08.2013 05:27


AHHH CARLO YOU'RE THEIR SHIPPER<3333 YESSH, Miles and Franziska are so cute I JUST. I CANT.

I've finished Miles Edgeworth Investigation for sure^^ Too bad Capcom doesn't license the 2nd one. AAAANDDD, HERE COMES APOLLO JUSTICE!!!

C-- cryin.... truly heart get hurts... Ouu, that moment when you realize there's no more Ace Attorney to play after this one-- or simply buying Dual Destinies from eshop in months later, of course. BUT ONE THING TO BE SURE

My internet didn't work for ONE WEEK CURSE YOU ISP. and here I've lost motivation to work harder...

See, we're short of staffs and so far-- no one could increase my muse to scanlate--
I need some help.

#22 RE: Rest? by Huffle Parfait 08.09.2013 03:43


BTW, congratulation for Apollo Justice<3333 I'M DONE AND READY TO WORK AGAIN...
at least before my flight to Japan, yesh<33

#23 RE: Rest? by Huffle Parfait 16.09.2013 02:16


Anybody hooome? *^^*

#24 RE: Rest? by Snowy368 22.09.2013 04:31

Hi Mitchi~

#25 RE: Rest? by WildEagle 11.11.2013 03:57


Man I been stressed out by part-time work & studies,
Then I open my email few days ago & I saw HP on hiatus :<

Hopefully all of you are doing well, especially you Mitchiiii, if you ever need someone to collect raws from a site again just come and tell me :]

#26 RE: Rest? by Huffle Parfait 14.11.2013 07:30


Thank you, Carl<3
Best wishes for your life as well. I'm doing better here, but u know what the worst part is? I recently go to sleep @8 or even 7pm! D: teehe, and I'm scared we're not yet ready to translate anything.

I wish to create another small family again... someday.

#27 RE: Rest? by WildEagle 15.11.2013 05:11


Woah so early O:

I'm afraid I'm gonna slack off from school the next few days because of the ps4 ;_;

Don't worry Ohana FOREVER. I'll still lurk in the forum and reply when someone posts :>

#28 RE: Rest? by Huffle Parfait 17.11.2013 13:41


Aww getting PS4 already? *claps*
Ohana? quq teehe thankies Carlo ~ HAVING HARD TIME IN MATH:c

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