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#61 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by Huffle Parfait 20.12.2012 13:15


I do agree with Carlo.

W- well, I'm not in position to say this since I played the DS version without even knowing the story first. Hahhahaha.....
But it's really worth. *-*


In the opening you'll see those three laughing together on the clock tower and and and omg while actually the girl's already died and omg omg omg. I just

I cant

Now I always feel sorry for Axel...

#62 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by saranghachi 21.12.2012 18:25


Ohhh Kingdom Hearts fans! :DD

I love the series and how all the games fit together but I wish they stayed under one gaming system so I can play all of them without having to buy more consoles. >_____< I got the DSi just for KH games but then the 3D one came out. Same with PSP games.

I want to play all of them. I just sit and hope they convert some of the titles to PS3 titles like they did with Chain of Memories & Coded for the PS2. ^^

#63 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by Huffle Parfait 22.12.2012 07:40


Ohh, Ik how you feel-!

Like, I bought DSL just to play H(arvest)M(oon) and R(une)F(actory) Series, but yet about years later they announced that- THEY'D MAKE THE 3DS VERSION OF THOSE GAMES.


Not like I regret myself, since I can play other fav. titles like Pokemon and such. But still...
I somehow hate it when a Publisher release the series in different consoles. Feel like they're saying "If you wanna play my game, u better own all kind of consoles! - Or else."


#64 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by ecgradux 22.12.2012 12:36


I hope so too.

#65 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by Huffle Parfait 22.12.2012 12:51


Just it?

#66 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by saranghachi 22.12.2012 18:36


I was getting the feeling they were gonna stay PS for awhile but that changed. Same with Final Fantasy games~ I was liking the whole set up of DS & PS games but then they started going for XBOX, at least they also release the same games on PS3. (Phew~)

(There needs to be more PS3 games...they all go for XBOX or Wii. T____T)

#67 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by ecgradux 28.12.2012 11:09


Because they are the new consoles and they need to take advantage of it.

#68 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by Huffle Parfait 30.12.2012 19:11


They're making Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix for PS3 !! Will be released on March and surely HD, and again, in Japanese version. Hahah

Did u kno.
They're making the HD version of KH 358/2 days Cutscenes.
Which means Xion is there.

#69 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by Huffle Parfait 02.01.2013 05:14


Happy Roxas Year Guys x3 Nyawwh~

#70 RE: Kingdom Hearts? by mjin 06.01.2013 17:36


I got Kingdom heart 3D for Christmas and I'm still at the Tron and Pinocchio world! AHH I can't beat the bosses! Especially TRON! It's so hard for some reason >_<

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