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#71 RE: Ellloooooo~!!! by Sakura Hime 30.08.2012 01:36


yeah o.o ish was deciding between a lot but ish like churs >.>"" XD
and YOTSU was being a traitor and almost joined another group! D:<
lol jk :3

#72 RE: Ellloooooo~!!! by Huffle Parfait 30.08.2012 02:18


Ummmm ; v ;
s- seriously!? Lol, whether u wanchu join 2 or 3 groups in once, that's not a prob. Just, it's all about the time. 8V

#73 RE: Ellloooooo~!!! by Yotsu 30.08.2012 03:35


I joined cause I have too much time on my hands and cause I had always wondered how they made the japanese/korean mangas/comics into english... XD
And then one day Saku was like "Oi stop eating my watermelon and look at what I'm going to do!"

I still want some more watermelon...

#74 RE: Ellloooooo~!!! by ecgradux 01.09.2012 12:33


I came unto this stuff, because I am always bored and I stalk a lot. [And maybe, I am stalking you now.]
And, since, I have used Photoshop for a long time maybe I could, just check it out.
And that's my short story.

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