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#11 RE: Hey. by ai-ball 31.08.2012 01:48


Hey guys XD Its nice to meet y'all hahaha :) This seems like a fun place hehe

#12 RE: Hey. by ilovebhong 31.08.2012 01:55


i'm from new york ~ did you apply for a position?

#13 RE: Hey. by Huffle Parfait 31.08.2012 02:05


Awww, hope it's indeed a fun place! <3 Say, dunworry if you wanna reply the other threads, especially make one!

((G-gah, moi havent replied your PM so sowwy, but asap though moi not on by PC 8/ ))

#14 RE: Hey. by icppunk0 31.08.2012 02:23


haha im from ny and i have always wanted to go to australia and fight a kangaro

#15 RE: Hey. by Sakura Hime 31.08.2012 02:30


.__. fight a kangaroo... well okay then...
I'M FROM NEW JERSEY! >:D HAH *different along with yotsu* v.v
and uhh... yeah... penguins...
*awkward silence* ............................... >.>""

#16 RE: Hey. by ai-ball 31.08.2012 02:46


@Brian: NY, nice. Yeah I applied for being a Japanese translator haha

@Huffle: No worries about it XD No need to rush. And I'm sure I'll be more involved in different threads soon XD or something. Haha.

@Punk: NY as well! XD No, no, don't fight a kangaroo. Their kicks are deadly. Like, deadly, deadly.

@Sakura: Haha, penguins are cute >__< They have the big emperor penguins in the aquarium here and I've seen the small ones in Philip Island. Those are cute.

#17 RE: Hey. by ilovebhong 31.08.2012 02:48


omg a japanese translator? :D i can't read the kanji in the second half of your signature T.T i still have lots to go before i can translate japanese LOL

#18 RE: Hey. by Sakura Hime 31.08.2012 02:52


LOL well i'm working on translating chinese....... >.>""" but as long as it's not traditional v.v
and my brother can read anything non-kanji XD (yeah he's like kinda a self-teaching japaneser)
AND I WANNA PET A PENGUIN!!!!! ... th-that's not weird or anything.... >///>"""

#19 RE: Hey. by ai-ball 31.08.2012 03:02


@Brian: Haha, the kanji says 'Fox Thief' :P You'll get there! Haha, I tried self teaching myself Korean, but I had to stop, because I think its wiser to focus on Chinese and Japanese (The actual subjects I study) before I concentrate on Korean XD.

@Sakura: I have a friend who teaches himself Japanese. I think he knows a lot more kanji than I do though. He's quite studious even though his PhD has nothing to do with Japanese at all.

I'm learning Chinese at Uni, but nowhere near as fluent in Japanese. Though I do like what they've given me as a name in Chinese.可爱琳. Hehe.

And its not weird! I think its cute. My sister showed me a youtube video of an old couple taking care of a penguin in Japan. It was the cutest thing :D

#20 RE: Hey. by ilovebhong 31.08.2012 03:08


korean grammar and japanese grammar are very similar so the grammar is easy for me.. but kanji.. i wish i was raised in korea, cuz they teach chinese characters in korea :/ it'd be so much easier for me

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